Gerald Mc Boing Boing: Adventures

Gerald Mc Boing Boing: Adventures (2006)
Sony Music
Extras: Soundcheck Game, Little Golden Book

Many of us remember Gerald Mc Boing Boing from the silly Dr. Seuss books that we grew up with. They tell the story of a toddler who is unable to speak yet but manages to explore the world just fine and communicates with his environments through all sorts of sounds. The stories have been reanimated by the Cartoon Network some time ago in the form of cartoons, sending Gerald on all sorts of adventures and Classic Media is now bringing these cartoon episodes to DVD in a collection called "Gerald Mc Boing Boing: Adventures."

The DVD offers up six 20-minute episodes from the show, sending Gerald and his friends on adventures where they meet pirates, mummies, space-aliens, a music-loving squid under the sea and other cool friends. Each of these adventures is filled with great humor, a sense of child-adventure, and cool sounds. Colorful and nicely animated, these cartoons are perfect for toddlers to watch as they will learn more about themselves and their surroundings.

The transfer on the DVD is clean and clear without notable issues or defects. Colors are rich and solid and never bleed while solid black levels make sure the image has strong lines and depth. No edge-enhancement is evident and the compression has been handled equally well, making for a pleasing viewing experience.

The audio on the release is a stereo track that fully serves its purpose to underscore Gerald's adventures. It is also free of defects or problems and certainly adds to the episodes quite a bit.

As extras, Classic Media is serving up a fun sound check game that will keep the youngsters entertained for some time and as a special bonus, the DVD also comes with a "Little Golden Book" reprint of the Dr. Seuss "Gerald Mc Boing Boing" story.

"Gerald Mc Boing Boing" is fun for the kids and at $12.98 you simply can't go wrong with these toddler friendly stories, so check it out.