Feast gets the Greenlight

Season Three of the series Project Greenlight followed the production of the Weinstein Company’s horror film Feast. The film comes to DVD this Halloween.

Somewhere near a small desert town, its business as usual at the local tavern. That is, until a terrified stranger storms inside and the barflys find it’s no longer a night for a leisurely drink; it’s a night to fight for survival. Nearby, creatures have escaped a military research facility. They are fearsome beasts created with the spliced DNA of the world’s most vicious predators. and they’re hungry. Now, the men and women inside the “Beer Trap” will have to barricade the doors, craft their weapons, band together and pray to survive the night.

No special features to speak of, but the film will be in anamorphic widescreen and will arrive on October 17th for $28.95.

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