DVD Advances Dungeons & Dragons

In the eighties, parents were concerned that Dungeons & Dragons would cause their children to all commit suicide. So it’s pretty amazing that a Saturday morning cartoon on the subject was made. Following the idea of “role playing” the cartoon followed a group of modern children transported to a magical world. The show is coming to DVD now thanks to the folks at BCI.

“Dungeons & Dragons” tells the tale of six kids who, after riding the Dungeons & Dragons rollercoaster, mysteriously get sucked into its fantasy world. Once there, the kids are met with a variety of monsters and entities, but to their delight, they are also greeted by the mysterious Dungeon Master, who gives each of them a magical item to use to defend themselves against the evil beings.

The five disc set contains the entire 3 year run of the series as well as a new documentary, two audio commentaries, interactive storyboards, a Choose Your Own Adventure game, character profiles, a fan film, trivia, galleries an audio presentation of an unaired episode featureing original cast members, alternate footage, easter eggs, trailers and DVD-ROM content.

Quite a nice set. A book is also included with the release which will retail for $54.98 on its release on December 5th.

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