Warner has an Avenger

Warner Home Video will bow the recent made for TV movie Avenger to DVD later this year.

Cal Dexter’s duty during the Vietnam War was to locate and destroy the jungle hideouts of the enemy. But today he’s nothing more than a simple attorney in small town New Jersey. Or so it seems to most. Covertly, he has been hired by a tycoon to track down and deliver justice to the man who killed the tycoon’s grandson, an American aid worker in Bosnia. Driven by the tragic deaths of his wife and daughter, Dexter accepts the mission that takes him around the world in search of vengeance. Meanwhile, CIA agents Frank McBride and Paul Devereaux must stop him before his mission interferes with a CIA sting and throws the world into chaos.

The disc has no features, but expect it to arrive for $19.98 on October 3rd.

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