Warner continues to change over its library

While there are few High-Def titles that are exciting and new out there, Warner Home Entertainment is at least doing its best to transfer its exsisting catalogue over to high definition. It may not be anything new, but at least its a slight upgrade to existing libraries.

On the HD-DVD front, Warner has another slate of titles in the making, unleashing HD-DVD versions of House Of Wax and Space Cowboys on September 12, as announced previously. However, the studio is also adding a HD-DVD version of Wolfgang Petersen’s Troy and Lethal Weapon 2 to their line-up on September 12, also.

Since Warner is a bit behind on Blu-Ray, the studio plays the catchup game by releasing the previously released HD-DVD titles, Lethal Weapon, Firewall, Blazing Saddles and Full Metal Jacket on September 5.

All titles will be available for $28.99, except “Firewall” which will be available for $34.99.

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