The Break-Up comes as the first HD-30/DVD combo disc

Universal Home Entertainment has just announced details about the upcoming release of The Break-Up on both HD-DVD and DVD this October.

After Brooke (Jennifer Aniston) calls it quits with her boyfriend Gary (Vince Vaughn), neither person is willing to move out of the condo they share. Taking the advice of their respective friends and confidants (and a few total strangers), they both engage in mental warfare designed to force the other person to flee the premises — until they both realize they might be fighting to keep their relationship alive.

Universal will release the HD-DVD version as a combo that contains the high definition version on one side and a DVD version on the other side. So far, it has been possible to only use HD-15 discs for these combo releases but Universal’s information indicates that the studio is releasing this disc as a HD-30/DVD-9 combo, which means both, the HD-DVD side and the DVD side will be dual-layered, which is an industry first.

The HD-DVD version will contain a 1080p transfer of the film, complete with Dolby Digital Plus audio tracks in English, French and Spanish. Also included is an In-Movie Experience segment that allows you to see a second video stream with behind the scenes info, while playing the movie.

The stand-alone DVD version and the DVD version that is part of the HD-DVD combo will be identical and contain the movie in anamorphic widescreen with 5.1 channel Dolby Digital sound and a number of great extras, such as 2 Commentary Tracks. The first one features Jennifer Aniston in her commentary track debut along with co-star Vince Vaughn, while the second one features director Peyton Reed. Next up is a series of Featurettes such as “The Making of The Break-Up”, “In Perfect Harmony: The Tone Rangers” and “Three Brothers: A Tour of Chicago”. A selection of Deleted and Extended Scenes is also included as well as an Alternate Ending and Outtakes. Last, but not least, you will find Improv Footage with Vince Vaughn and Jon Favreau with optional commentary.

“The Break-Up” will be available on October 17 with a suggested retail price of $39.98 for the HD-DVD/DVD combo and $29.98 for the DVD version.

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