Scarface goes Platinum

Universal is revisiting Scarface with several new features and the curious claim that Every sound effect in the film has been
replaced and digitally remastered for the ultimate Scarface experience.
. Whatever that means, Scarface will be coming back soon.

Scarface is the unforgettable story of a ruthless immigrant’s rapid rise and
fall as the underworld kingpin of South Florida. Tony Montana
flees Castro’s Cuba along with his close friend Manny Ray for
a dead-end life on the streets of Miami. Foul-mouthed, ambitious and brutal,
Tony’s talent for violence plunges him into the treacherous world of big
time cocaine dealing. Rising to the top of a drug and blood-soaked empire
using increasingly vicious tactics, Tony destroys anyone in his way and
takes whatever he wants – including his rival’s woman, Elvira. But his intensifying paranoia eventually traps Tony in a web of
deceit that will ultimately destroy him.

The Platinum edition has a DTS 5.1 soundtrack and plenty of features including deleted scenes, a scoreboard of the “F” word, a look at the upcoming video game, the featurettes The World of Tony Montana, Scarface: The Rebirth, Scarface: Creating and Scarface: Acting plus a montage of comparisons between the original version and the highly edited television version.

You can say hello to the DVD on October 3rd, with a suggested retail price of $29.98.

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