Submitted by Mark Mayer

On Sony Pictures Home Entertainment’s release of the Robin Williams comedy “RV” you can also find a few hidden features if you know where to look for them.

From the DVD’s Main Menu go to the “Previews” section and there highlight the netry “Talledega Nights.” Now press the “Right” arrow key on your remote control twice to highlight the RV logo on the cactus. Press the “enter” key now to see a clip of director Barry Sonnenfeld welcoming you to the hidden easter egg and telling why he likes DVDs. He also goes on explaining cut clips and other amusing things from the movies he has made.

Now enter the “Special Features” section on the disc that is accessible form the Main Menu. There, go to the “Featurettes” section and highlight the menu entry “Play All.” Press the “Left” arrow key twice to highlight the tambourine. Now press “Enter” and you will be treated to a 40-second clip of Kristen Chenoweth sharing a really bad road trip story.

Next go to the “Languages” section on the disc and highlight the entry “Main Menu.”
Now press the “Down” key on your remote control twice to highlight the dog in the corner and then press “Enter” to see a clip of Robin Williams doing a short comedy skit about Barry Sonnenfeld and working with him.

Next, go to the “Scenes” sub-menu and highlight chapter 1, “Best Friends.” Press the “Up” key twice on your remote control now to highlight the rear view mirror on the RV and then press the “Enter” key to see a short clip of Cheryl Hines giving you a tip about RVing.

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