Robocop has the Blues

Originally scheduled for release tomorrow, the MGM Home Entertainment title Robocop> will not be released on Blu-Ray at this time. Just before the weekend we received a phone call from Sony Pictures Home Entertainment who is currently distributing MGM home video titles, in which they told us that “Robocop” will sadly not be released and has been removed from the release schedule entirely.

This is, of course, the latest fall-out from the constant juggling of MGM’s home video properties in the last months. As you may remember, MGM was sold to Sony some time ago and the studio took over all of MGM home video distribution. However, unhappy with the performance, MGM decided a few months ago to move their distribution from Sony Pictures Home Entertainment to 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment.

So, while the Blu-Ray version of “Robocop” may not be in stores tomorrow, there’s still a good chance we will see it released at a later time when 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment is beginning to make its titles available on the Blu-Ray format.

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