More info on M:I:III

Paramount Home Entertainment is putting out more information on the upcoming DVD/HD-DVD/Blu-Ray release of Mission Impossible III and more information may continue to arrive. While the recent months have been filled with low-key announcements and studios dipping their toes into the high definition pool, M:I:III marks the first big push on a major release and possibly the fist big marketing campaign for a high def title.

The first bit of news is that the Blu-Ray and HD-DVD versions of the film will both be 2-disc special editions. This will be the first two-disc release on either format. And its’ interesting to imagin how those dainty boxes will be changed to accomodate. Additionally, the bulk of the supplements on both versions will be in high definition.

Both versions will contain the film in 1080p providing one of the first true comparisons of the formats at their best and will carry sound in Dolby Digital Plus. The first disc will carry an audio commentary with Tom Cruise and J.J. Abrams. The HD-DVD will contains a picture in picture commentary, while the Blu-Ray will contain audio only. The second disc carries the documentary The Making of the Mission, deleted scenes, the featurettes Inside the IMF, Mission Action: Inside the Action Unit, Visualizing the Mission, Mission: Metamorphosis and Scoring the Mission and theatricla trailers all in High Definition. The disc will also carry a photo gallery and TV Spots and something called Moviefone Unscripted.

The discs are still set for an unusual Monday release on October 30th.

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