Here’s a little more on The Classic Sci-Fi Ultimate Collection

As we announced previously, Universal Home Entertainment is currently putting the final touches to a DVD set containing some of the most eagerly awaited 50s science fiction classics, titling it The Classic Sci-Fi Ultimate Collection. The DVD set, which will contain Tarantula, The Mole People, The Incredible Shrinking Man, The Monolith Monsters and Monster On The Campus is still on track for a September 19 release, which is only 4 short weeks away.

We have more information about the release that we can share with you here such as the fact that this will be a 3-disc DVD set and that the release will feature brand-new restored transfers of these movies. The set will not contain any extras or bonus materials.

Instead of the $19.98 price tag we announced earlier however, the correct price will actually be $29.98 when the set hits retail shelves.

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