Here are the full specs for Fox’s Blu-Ray titles

We just got full specs for the Blu-Ray titles that 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment announced earlier this morning and we thought we simply pass them along real quick.

Behind Enemy Lines contains a DTS HD audio track as well as Commentaries by director John Moore, editor Martin Smith, and producers John Davis and Wyck Godfrey, as well as a selection of Trailers for other Blu-Ray releases.

The Fantastic Four comes also with a DTS HD audio track and boasts Commentaries by Ioan Gruffud, Jessica Alba, Chris Evans, Michael
Chiklis and Julian McMahon, as well as Blu-Ray trailer.

Kingdom Of Heaven will also come with a DTS HD audio track and will be one of the industry’s first dual-layer Blu-Ray discs to accommodate the 3 hour 47 minute director’s cut of the movie.

Kiss Of the Dragon contains a lossless DTS HD track also and further comes with Commentaries by by Chris Nash, Bridget Fonda, and Jet Li, as well as selectable
HD trailers of upcoming Blu-Ray releases.

The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen will be authored in Blu-Ray Java which allows for a dramatic increase in interactivity and will come with a DTS HD audio track and an AVC encoded video presentation. Commentaries by the cast and crew are also included as well as a unique search index which allows the viewer to sort scenes from the movie into 72 categories ranging from actor (e.g., Shane West, Sean Connery) to character (e.g., Allan Quarterman, Agent Tom Sawyer) to locations (e.g., Paris, Venice), among others. Additional features include an interactive first person shooter game boasting 12 unique play modes, up to 99 bookmarks, an animated pop-up trivia track, and HD trailers of upcoming BD releases.

The Omen (666) comes with DTS HD audio and a Commentary by John Moore, Glenn Williamson and Dan Zimmerman. The disc will also contain two Featurettes and 2 Extended Scenes plus a BD-exclusive animated Pop-up Trivia Track entitled “The Devil’s Footnotes,” which explores the history of the triple sixes (666).

Speed comes also with DTS HD audio and an AVC encoded feature presentation.
Special features include Commentary Tracks and commentary chapter selections by Jan De Bont, Graham Yost, and Mark Gordon, as well as an animated Pop-up Trivia Track, up to 99 bookmarks, a 56-category Search Index and a Java Game entitled, “Speed: Take Down,” touting six game play modes. The title also includes HD
trailers for upcoming BD releases.

The Transporter comes with DTS HD audio track and Commentaries by actor Jason Statham and producer Steven Chasman, as well as a Blu-Ray Trailer Selection.

This is quite an interesting mix and is pushing the technology envelope quite bit in some instances.

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