Cars cross the finish line in November

Pixar’s latest entry Cars will be joining the Pixar library on your DVD shelf in November with a two disc set that from Buena Vista Home Entertainment.

Unlike many of Pixar’s past releases, Cars is surpsisingly slim on the things we’ve come to expect. The film will be available seperately in widescreen and fullscreen releases. The fullscreen version will likely be a recomposited version of the film as with previous Pixar titles. Two animated shorts will be available; One Man Band from the theatres, and a new short Mater and the Ghost. The disc will also include four deleted scenes a preview for next years Ratatouille and a featurette.

Dissapointingly, while the high definition camps are seemingly putting all of their faith in the video quality of high definition alone to convince consumers to make the change, no Blu-Ray version has been announced for this film which could be the first visual killer-app for high def. Hopefully a high-def release and a more complete special edition are both coming down the road. In the mean time, Cars arrives on November 7th with a suggested retail price of $29.99.

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