3rd Rock From The Sun returns for Season 5

Anchor Bay Entertainment just unveiled details about the upcoming release of the hilarious fifth season of the sitcom 3rd Rock From The Sun.

The popular sitcom follows the strange adventures of a group of clueless visitors from another world: Dick Soloman (John Lithgow), Sally Soloman (Kristen Johnston), Harry Solomon (French Stewart), Tommy Soloman (Joseph Gordon-Levitt), and their earthly friend Dr. Mary Albright (Jane Curtin). The fifth season of the award-winning series adds some big name guest stars like David Hassellhoff, Genie Francis and William Shatner (as the egomaniacal “Big Giant Head”) to the loopy mix.

The release will contain all 22 uncut episodes form the show in a 4-disc DVD set that also includes a colorful booklet. As an extra, the release serves up a selection of Bloopers from the fifth season.

3rd Rock From The Sun: Season 5 will be in stores on August 15 with a $39.98 price tag.

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