New Line brings Freddy Krueger to Infinifilm

Great news for classic slasher film fans. New Line Home Entertainment has just unveiled plans to release an Infinifilm version of the original 1984 A Nightmare On Elm Street!

Although the franchise has been covered amazingly well as part of the “Nightmare On Elm Street Collection” box set, an Infinifilm version is definitely something to get your ears perked up, as it will integrated bonus materials more tightly with the feature film.

As a result in this new version, viewers will be able to go behind-the-scenes and access interviews and other bonus materials as they view the feature film. A number of completely new supplements are being prepared for this release, including audio essays and featurettes.

The new “A Nightmare On Elm Street” will be in stores on September 26. We will keep you posted, of course as new information surfaces.

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