Manga Entertainment is making Karas: The Prophecy available for the PSP

Manga Entertainment has announced plans to release Karas: The Prophecy in the UMD format for the Playstation Portable in July.

Set in Tokyo, “Karas: The Prophecy” follows the story of Eko (voiced by Matthew Lillard), a KARAS (Crow) who, after protecting the order of Japan between the human and spirit/demon world over many years, decides to take revenge on mankind by giving a group of poltergeist new bodies.

The human world, unaware of the spirit world existing alongside it, is protected by Yurine (voiced by Piper Perabo) – protector incarnate of Japan since ancient times. She creates another KARAS to defeat the evil one while Nue, (voiced by Jay Hernandez), a wandering apparition is sent back to the human world to defeat Eko and discovers the work of Eko’s poltergeist, Mikurashu. Now, a special situation arises where two ravens exist in the same town – only there isn’t room for both of them!

The release will be in stores on July 11 and carry a suggested retai; price of $19.98. since there has been a dearth of UMD titles lately, I think this may be an intriguing UMD for fans waiting from more content to view on the go.

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