Make room for The Benchwarmers

Sony Pictures Home Entertainment readies The Benchwarmers for July release on DVD, PSP and Blu-Ray.

The Benchwarmers tells the story of three nerds who team up to
create a baseball team in an effort to make up for their lack of athleticism
when they were younger. The determined trio compete against a full squad of
elementary school baseball players and along the way, develop a large
following of left-out kids as they head into a high-stakes, winner takes all
game against the best little league in the state.

The DVD and Blu-Ray contain deleted scenes, an audio commentary with director Dennis Dugan, a second commentary with David Spade and Jon Heder, the featurettes “Mr. October” with Reggie Jackson, “Nerds vs. Bullies”, “Who’s On Deck?” and “Play Ball”.

Arriving on July 25th, the DVD and UMD releases will be priced at $28.95 while the Blu-Ray will go for $38.95.

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