CharliesAngels: Full Throttle (Unrated)

CharliesAngels: Full Throttle (Unrated)

Submitted by John P. Gilden

On the unrated version of “Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle” you can find a whole series of hidden features if you know where to look for them.

From the DVD’s Main Menu go to the “Audio Setup” section and there highlight the menu entry ‘Main Menu’ at bottom of screen. Now press the “Right” arrow key on your remote control two times and then “Down” once. Natalie’s armband will be highlighted giving you access to a clip of the stunt women showing director McG their biceps.

Now go to the “Subtitles” menu, highlight the “Main Menu” entry and then press the “Down” arrow key, followed by pressing the Left“ key twice. Dylan’s will be becomes highlighted and if you press the ”Enter“ key you will see Christine Birch and Director McG discussing the ”game plan“.

Go to the first page of the ”Special Features“ section now and highlight the ‘Angel-Vision Trivia Pack’. Press the ”Down“ arrow key on your remote control and then press ”Left“ twice. The Champagne bottle will be highlighted and give you access to a clip of Mark Stetson and McG talking about visual effects that were almost cut from the movie.

On the same page, select ‘Featurettes’ now. On the next screen highlight the entry ‘Special Features’ and then press the ”Left“ key two times, followed by the ”Down“ key two times. Randy Emmers’ credit card will be highlighted. Press ”Enter“ to see McG talking to Tricia Ronten about script supervision.

Now go to the second page of the ”Featurettes“ and there highlight the ”Special Features“ menu entry. Now press the ”Right“ key twice and then press the ”Down“ key to highlight Bosley’s bow tie. Press ”Enter“ to see Adolfo Martinez-Perez and McG show off a storyboard of the calf birth.

Now go to the second page of the ”Special Features“ and there highlight the entry ”Main Menu.“ Press ”Down“ twice and then ”Up“ once. Now press ”Right“ two times and Alex’s fuel nozzle becomes highlighted. It will give you access to a clip of Matt Sweeney and McG looking at a hydraulic rotator for the stunt car.

Still on the second page of the ”Special Features“ select ”Sony Pictures Charlie’s Angels On-line Game.“ Once on that screen, press the ”Up“ key on your remote control twice and follow it up by pressing the ”Down“ key twice. Now press the ”Left“ key and the number ‘30’ will be appear on Natalie’s motorcycle faring. Press ”Enter’ now to see a clip of McG interviewing Mark Cotone about how he got started in the ‘biz’

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