Blackstar returns

BCI continues their Ink & Paint division with the upcoming DVD release of Blackstar the 1981 cult cartoon series from Filmation.

In “Blackstar, ” when his space shuttle is pulled through a black hole,
astronaut John Blackstar finds himself crash-landing on the distant
planet Sagar. There, he is rescued by the gentle Trobbits, a race small
in stature but big in courage. Sagar’s inhabitants are threatened by the
brutal tyranny of the Overlord, a dark magician who possesses the Power
Sword, one half of the powerful Powerstar. Blackstar soon gains the
other half of the weapon, the Star Sword, and allies himself with others
– the shape-shifter Klone, the sorceress, Mara, and a dragon named
Warlock – to bring freedom and peace to Sagar.

The new set includes interviews with the creators, the documentary “The Magic of Filmation”, audio commentary on selected episodes, an image gallery, trivia and DVD-ROM content.

All thirteen episodes of the series are coming on DVD August 22nd with a suggested retail price of $19.98.

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