Warner upgrades two more

Warner Home Entertainment is getting ready to put The Fugutive and Blazing Saddles out on HD-DVD.

The Fugitive, which stars Harrison Ford and Tommy Lee Jones is the box-office hit and Best picture Oscar® -nominated motion picture based on the long-running TV series about a surgeon falsely accused of killing his wife; Blazing Saddles stars Cleavon Little as an unlikely sheriff in the town of Rock Ridge, Harvey Korman as the villain, Madeline Kahn as a Marlene Dietrich-style chanteuse, Gene Wilder as the wacko Waco Kid and Brooks himself as a not-too-sharp politico.

The content of the supplements on both discs will be identical to the existing DVDs. You won’t have to wait long for these titles. Both are scheduled to be released on May 23rd with a suggested retail price of $28.99.

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