Ultraman Here he comes from the Sky!

Long before Power Rangers, Ultraman fought for the safety of Tokyo in the superhero robot show of the sixties. The show makes its way to DVD this summer from BCI.

Ultraman is the story of a series of “Ultra-heros” that arrive on Earth to fight giant, evil monsters set on destroying the world. Each Ultraman can grow to over 200 feet tall, and uses a variety of energy emission powers, as well as expert, hand-to-hand martial arts fighting styles. Oh yeah, and also… they were awesome.

The set will feature the first several episodes of the show and will come with what has become a staple of BCI releases; two collectible cards. The set will also boast the episodes in their original Japanese with newly created English subtitles and the original English dubs. Interviews are also available with the original English dub team.

Fear not, Ultraman will save the day on July 18th for $39.98.

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