Travel back through The Time Tunnel

Fox Home Entertainment is getting ready for the second year of time travel, Irwin Allen style. The second volume of The Time Tunnel is coming to DVD this summer.

“THE CONTROL OF TIME IS POTENTIALLY THE MOST VALUABLE TREASURE THAT MAN WILL EVER FIND.” Or so believe the scientists of Project Tic Toc. Located beneath the Arizona desert, the ten-year project’s focus is the feasibility of time travel. But when the government reconsiders the project, the scientists have only 24 hours to prove their untested “Time Tunnel” will actually work. Determined to save the project, Dr. Tony Newman and Dr. Doug Phillips go through the tunnel – and quickly find themselves catapulted from one historical event to another, barely escaping with their lives as their colleagues back in Arizona race to figure out a way to bring them back home.

The four disc set will contain interviews, still galleries, the 1976 made for television movie Time Travelers and the 2002 pilot for the proposed remake of the series which has been making the sci-fi convention circuit as of late.

On 06/06/06 the DVD will arrive from the past to entertain you in the future. It will cost $39.98 of your 2006 money.

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