The Venture Brothers make a DVD debut

The television show The Venture Bros. may not have lasted too long on television, but the complete series along with the pilot and Christmas Special are coming to disc in May.

In this spoof of 1960s cartoons such as “Jonny Quest” and boys’ adventure novels like “Tom Swift” and “The Hardy Boys” , the Venture brothers–Hank and Dean–travel around the world with their renowned scientist father, Doctor Venture. Imagining themselves as an unusually gifted team of “brains” and “brawn” – with very little of either – Hank and Dean treat even the most mundane situation like a bold new adventure or a curious mystery. As a result, they regularly find themselves in danger with a host of odd-ball villains – but rarely find their way out. Doc Venture, who can’t stand his dimwitted sons, pops “diet pills” like candy and reeks of failure and unrealized potential., He hopes his new invention will bring him the glory and respect he has long sought and save Venture Industries. The show features the voice of Patrick Warburton of “The Tick” and “Seinfeld” fame who voices Brock Sampson the family bodyguard. Brock is a former secret agent assigned to the Venture family and then promptly forgotten by the government. Impossibly muscle-bound, he is everything Doc. Venture would love to be – strong, violent and catnip to the ladies.

All thirteen episodes are included as are the pilot and Christmas special. Deleted scenes appear here for the first time along with audio commentaries and a behind the scenes featurette.

Arriving on May 30th, the brothers Venture will be available for $29.98.

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