The original Star Wars versions are coming to DVD!

Believe it or not, but our friends over at The Digital Bits have just been able to confirm that the original theatrical cuts of the first Star Wars films are making it to DVD this summer! Remember, these are the films that George Lucas reworked and wanted everyone to forget about. However since many fans were repeatedly asking for these original theatrical cuts, Lucasfilm has actually created DVD versions of the films and will release them later this year.

This is no joke and has been confirmed by a number of industry sources now. Even the release date has surfaced and indicated that the release is scheduled for September 12. The films will be sold separately and each comes as a 2-disc DVD version that also includes the reworked Special Edition cut. The DVDs will be available for a limited time only and will disappear from retail shelves on December 31.

Great news for all Star Wars fans, of course!

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