SNL adds more to The Best of

Two new Saturday Night Live DVDs are making their way to disc from Universal Studios. The Best of Commerical Parodies and The Best of Cheri Oteri are on the way.

Since the creation of Saturday Night Live in the 1970s, one of the signatures of the show has been its commercial parodies. From subtle to outrageous, silly to realistic, SNL has always been able to poke fun at the folks on Madison Avenue with a variety of products not actually for sale. Now you can enjoy your favorite commercial parodies that have aired over the past 30 years all on one DVD. Watch classics like “Little Chocolate Donuts,” “Happy Fun Ball,” “Mom Jeans,” “Colon Blow,” “Trump’s House of Wings,” “Oops I Crapped My Pants” or “Schmitt’s Gay” again and again.

Cheri Oteri’s peppy, energetic style always made her characters on SNL hilarious to watch. From physical comedy (along side Will Ferrell) as the Cheerleader, Arianna, to impressions of Barbara Walters and Judge Judy, to wacky characters like Rita Del Vecchio, Nadeen or prescription drug junkie Collette Reardon, Cheri made audiences laugh so hard they often needed time to “Simma Down.”

The Cheri Oteri disc will include audio commentary and an unreleased dress-rehersal sketch.

The DVDs will both be available May 9th.

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