Red Dwarf VIII

Red Dwarf VIII

Submitted by Mark Mayer

BBC Home Entertainment’s eighth and final installment of the “Red Dwarf” series once again contains a cool hidden feature.

Insert the second disc of the DVD set and on the Main Menu highlight the “Subtitles” menu entry. Now press the “Right” arrow key on your remote control to highlight the elevator keypad. Go to floor 13 and then press the “Enter” key on your remote control. Now the panel will open and a key appear which will take you to a hidden feature in the form of a case on a table. It opens to reveal two vials, one red and one blue. Click on the red one to see a music video with “Intro 2” and with appearances by Craig Charles, Norman Lovett and Danny John-Jules. It also serves up a couple of bloopers from the video shoot at the end, so make sure to watch it in its 7-minute entirety.

Now, goback to the disc’s Main Menu and then highlight “Level 13” again. This time select the blue vial to see the vial break and drain the fluid in the case.

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