Mystery Science Theater 3000 hits Volume 9

Pretty soon, the Satellite of Love will be aglow with more bad films when Volume 9 of Mystery Science Theater 3000 arrives from Rhino.

Women of the Prehistoric Planet – The search for a crashed spaceship leads a rescue party through a time/space doorway to a dangerous, tropical planet.

Wild Rebels – A former stock-car racer goes undercover to bust a motorcycle gang terrorizing South Florida.

The Sinister Urge – Ed Wood Jr.’s classic tale of the smut trade in 1960s Hollywood.

The Incredibly Strange Creatures Who Stopped Living and Became Mixed-up Zombies – A young man is hypnotized by an evil fortune-teller and turned into a zombie killer. Naturally, it’s a musical.

As a special added feature, the DVDs will contain intros from the start of the original films. Yowza!

The DVD is right around the ben arriving on May 16th.

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