Meet the Flintsones…

Well, after six seasons, I guess we’ve already become acquainted with the modern stone age family. Season six – the final season of the series – is coming from Warner Home Entertainment.

Season six of The Flintstones explored every realm of popular parody spoofing “trendy” TV shows, award-winning movies, and Hollywood royalty. Elizabeth Montgomery and Dick York lend their voices in Samantha, the stone-aged version of Bewitched, while My Fair Freddy allows Fred Flintstone to step into Audrey Hepburn’s role, and Tony Curtis provides vocals to the title character in Return of Stoney Curtis. Plus, with Bedrock’s newest character, space alien Gazoo, introduced in this final season, The Flintstones: The Complete Sixth Season is packed with over 12 hours of yabba-dabba-doo fun that is sure to both tickle adults and delight kids.

Bonus material includes The Flintstones Meets Pop Culture, a featurette hosted by Stephen Baldwin, one of the many actors who have portrayed Barney Rubble. This piece reveals how pop culture was incorporated into The Flintstones and how the show itself ultimately became a part of pop culture. Also included is The Great Gazoo – From A to Zetox, which features newly uncovered history on the creation of the The Flintstones’ most famous guest stars.

Unless you have a magical green alien who calls you dumb-dumb, you’ll have to wait until September 5th for the final set. The suggested retail price is $44.98.

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