Magnolia does high def

Independent studio Magnolia Home Entertainment has just announced plans to release a series of films on HD-DVD.

Scheduled for release throughout May, films included in the line-up are the Academy-Award nominated documentary Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room, Steven Soderbergh’s murder mystery Bubble as well as the film The War Within which touches upon the controversial subject of a Pakistani man turning into a suicide bomber.

Apart from these feature films the studio will also release two segments from the HDNet TV programming, namely the travel feature Bikini Destinations and the HDNet World Report Special: Shuttle Discovery’s Historic Mission, the network’s exclusive 2005 space shuttle launch coverage.

These HD-DVD titles will appear in stores throughout May, though no exact dates have been announced yet. The feature films will carry a $29.98 suggested retail price, while the HDNet discs will come with a $26.98 price tag.

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