Decades of Blade Runner confusion finally over?

Blade Runner, the film is a lesson in revisionist history. After its theatrical release, and a longer European release, a director’s cut was released despite having no input whatsoever from the director, several other versions of the film have been cobbled together from old workprints, deleted scenes and other sources. Warner Brothers is hoping to finally put the issue to rest with a theatrical release and one massive DVD release.

For those only interested in the 1992 director’s cut, a restored version will be coming this September for a four month period. Then in 2007 Ridley Scott will finally take a crack at the much confused film to create Blade Runner: The Final Cut a definitive version of his intent.

The following DVD release will contain The 1982 Theatrical Cut, The 1982 European Cut, The 1992 Director’s Cut and The 2007 Final Cut along with a wealth of extras.

Sadly with the far off release, an exact release date, pricing and supplements will not be finalized for some time, but Blade Runner Fans can finally have everything they want.

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