An end to Home Movies

The random world of Brendan Small comes to a close with the final season of Home Movies making its debut this fall from Shout! Factory.

Home Movies is a cartoon about children who are more like adults made for
adults who like cartoons. The fourth season of this half-hour cult hit
comedy is also its final season. This 3-DVD box set contains the last 13
memorable episodes including “Camp”, guest starring They Might Be Giants as
crappy music camp counselors, “Honkey Magoo” in which a little lost puppy
threatens to rip the friends apart until they realize that he sucks, and
Brendon Small’s visit to the dark side in “Those Bitches Tried To Cheat Me.”

As a bonus there is new audio commentary by members of The Shins and Modest
Mouse plus the staff of The Onion and cast. Also included in the package is
a bonus music CD containing 52 tracks from all four seasons including “Franz
Kafka!,” “Don’t Put Marbles In You Nose” and “Starboy & The Captain Of Outer

The set arrives soon – May 16th to be exact and will be priced at $34.98.

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