Almost a spoonful of The Tick

Buena Vista Home Entertainment is releasing the long awaited animated version of The Tick this summer. The nearly complete first season will be arriving on two discs as part of The Tick: The Belated 10th Anniversarry Edition. Nearly complete because only 12 of the original 13 episodes will be included in the set.

The first of the two seasons of The Tick introduced us to The Tick, Arther, American Maid, Sewer Urchin, Crusading Chamelion, The Human Bullet, Chairface Chippendale, Dinosaur Neal, Brainchild, The Idea-Men and of course Joseph Stalin (Ok, not the real Stalin, but don’t tell).

No word on extras yet, but the set is scheduled to arrive on August 29th for $34.99.

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