The Missing is a longer search

As Ron Howard’s newest film is about to hit theatres, The Missing is getting revisted on DVD with n extended cut featuring 17 new minutes of footage.

Originally released in 2003, The Missing is a frightening and
heart-wrenching story of a father and daughter who are brought together
under difficult circumstances. Maggie Gilkeson is a single mom
raising two daughters in the desolate wilderness of New Mexico when her
estranged father, Samuel Jones shows up hoping to make amends.
However, Maggie rejects his attempts to reconcile until her daughter Lily
(Wood) is taken by a psychopathic killer with supernatural powers.
Desperate to rescue her daughter, Maggie must swallow her pride and seek
help from the one person whose existence she would rather not acknowledge,
her father. Together, they set out in a race against time to catch up with
the killer and his renegades to save Lily.

The new cut of the film arrives on May 4th with a $19.94 suggested retail price.

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