MLB Bloopers on the way

Remember when baseball was fun? When hot dogs and mascots were par for the course instead of sex scandals and drugs? Hopefully a visit to those days will come with the upcoming MLB Bloopers: The Funny Side of Baseball arrives from Shout! Factory.

From sprinklers gone awry to bugs where they don’t belong, MLB Bloopers: The
Funny Side Of Baseball is the perfect DVD for all baseball fans with a sense
of humor.

In addition to the usual on-the-field follies and laughable
errors, MLB Productions cameras have captured players executing comical
stunts, pulling elaborate pranks, performing secret handshakes and much
more. In addition to the hour-long feature program, the DVD includes more
than 30 minutes of bonus material called “Extra Innings.” These special
features include footage of the worst baserunning in baseball history,
pitchers tripping over the mound mid-pitch, and interviews with players
describing their favorite blooper moments.

The DVD crosses home place on June 27th, $19.98 is the price.

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