HBO Home Video will bring Rome to life on DVD this fall

HBO Home Video is getting ready to finally launch their acclaimed TV series Rome on DVD later this year, according to trade publication Home Media Retailing. After having worked on it for almost 2 years according to studio sources, the first season DVD set will contain all 12 episodes, complemented by a slew of bonus materials.

For example, the release will include a feature called “Shot By Shot” in which two scenes from the series will be painstakingly analyzed, showing exactly how their were conceptualized, put together and then finalized for the show, giving viewers an impression about the amount of work and pre-planning that needs to go into such shots.

“The Rise Of Rome” is a Featurette that examines the production design of the show, how the sets were created to bring Rome back to life, and how it was populated with people and artifacts. The featurette “When In Rome” will take a closer look at the Roman culture during that period of time while “Friends, Romans, Countrymen” will give viewers the chance to learn more about the characters of the show, which are, of course, based on a real historic figures.

The release will feature no less than 8 Commentary Tracks with cast and crew members, the series’ creator and others. It will be complemented by a Pop-up Trivia Track that offers up various information tidbits during the feature presentation. The release will be rounded out by a Photo Gallery

HBO is also planning to make an impact in terms of packaging the DVD set by creating a box made of an ultra-light wooden substrate that will give it an ancient feel.

Look out for “Rome: The First Season” to hit DVD on August 15.

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