DVD Review is looking for help – follow up

I just wanted to let everyone know that we are no longer looking to fill the reviewer position. We had tremendous response on our request two days ago and we have already isolated and contacted a number of candidates for the opportunity. I am saying this just to make sure none of you is spending unnecessary time preparing write-ups and sending them in, when it is, in fact, too late.

However, we are still looking for an additional News Editor to complement our team who could specialize on the high definition front to cover breaking news and developments in the HD-DVD and Blu-Ray camp. So, if you want to stay ahead of the high definition game and want to be the first – REALLY – to know what’s coming next, what titles to expect and when, let us know. We could really use someone with dedication to help us out and make sure we can give proper coverage to both the DVD and the high definition formats. Simply send us an email at imyourguy@dvdreview.com and don’t forget to include some writing samples.

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