BCI Home Entertainment lets Flash Gordon save the Earth

BCI Home Entertainment has just sent over detail about another one of their great releases. In July the studio will release all 24 episodes of the 1979-1981 animated television series from Filmation.

“Flash Gordon—The Complete Series” follows the adventures of the heroic Earthman Flash Gordon, who travels with the lovely Dale Arden and scientist Hans Zarkov to the distant planet of Mongo. There, they must team up with Thun, savage leader of the Lion Men, dashing Prince Barin, leader of Arboria, and Vultan, King of the Hawkmen, as they battle the ruthless and evil Emperor Ming the Merciless, ruler of Mongo. Complicating matters is the alluring Princess Aura, who often plays both sides against each other. On the exotic Mongo, Ming’s army of robots aren’t the only menace, as dinosaurs, witch women, amphibious Gillmen, rock creatures and two-headed Tsaks also imperil the heroes!

The DVD set contain a wealth of bonus materials, such as “Blasting Off With Flash Gordon,” a 20-minute Featurette featuring interviews with creators and historians about Flash Gordon. Commentary Tracks will also be included on the release on three of the show’s episodes – “A Planet in Peril,” “Sir Gremlin” and “Gremlin’s Finest Hour”—with executive producer Lou Scheimer, writer Tom Ruegger, writer Michael Reaves, animator Darrell McNeil and host Andy Mangels.

Interactive Storyboard To Clip Comparison of various stock action sequences will also be included along with an extensive Gallery of original model sheets for all main heroes and villains. Also look out for Detailed Profiles of various characters and Trivia and Fun Facts. Further two collectible 4×6 Flash Gordon art cards are included as well as a Bonus Preview of Episode 1 – “Escape From Mongo” from the series “Defenders Of The Earth.” The release is rounded out by DVD-Rom features and Easter Eggs.

“Flash Gordon: The Complete Series” will be in stores on July 18 with a $39.98 sticker price.

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