She-Ra learns The Secret of the Sword

The folks over at have revealed the good news that He-Man’s success on DVD has paved the way for his sister to join the fray. She-Ra: Princess of Power is hitting DVD throughout the year from BCI.

Much like the Masters of the Universe Sets, She-Ra will start as a two disc “Best Of” Collection. Ten episodes on the set will include five episodes chosen by the fans, and the five-part story which started the series and was an extened version of the theatrical Secret of the Sword. The set will show up first on July 11th at the Comic-Con in San Diego. During the following year, the 93 episodes of the series will be released in three volumes.

Special extras for the set haven’t been released yet, but the Masters of the Universe Sets are setting new standards for television sets with comprehensive featurettes mixed in with the fluff pieces. Stay tuned for more info.

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