Crash wins it all and goes to two discs

In L.A., nobody touches you. The suprise winner of the Academy Awards was Crash winning Best Picture of the Year for 2005. Lionsgate has a special two-disc version of the film arriving in April.

The beautiful interweaving stories are all told on the first disc in anamorphic widescreen with autio in Dolby Digital 5.1 ES and DTS 6.1 ES sound with an audio commentary from director Paul Haggis, Don Cheadle and writer Bobby Moresco and an intro to the film. The supplements rounding out the set includ deleted scenes, the documentary Behind the Metal and Glass, three featurettes a music video and music montages, a script-to-screen comparison and a series of trailers for the film.

On April 4th, the disc arrives for $26.98.

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