A long overdue trip to the Delicatessen

Jean-Pierre Jeunet has created magical worlds through cinema for decades. His first full length feature has remained missing from DVD until now. Delicatessen is scheduled for a DVD relese this summer.

In a post-apocolyptic society where food is so rare it’s invaluable and used as currency and people eat each other a young clown applies for a job at a local delicatessen. The butcher’s intent is to have him work for a little and then serve him to his stranger than normal tenants who pay him in, of course, grain. This clown falls in love with the butcher’s daughter who tries to foil her father’s plans by contacting the rebels. The rebels are possibly the most sensible of the lot, as they see food as food and not money.

The DVD will contain an audio commentary with Jeunet as well as the featurette Fine Cooked Meats and the archives (which will hopefully contain some of the director’s early shorts.

Miramax will release the DVD on May 2nd, 2006 with a suggested retail price of $29.99.

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