The Little Mermaid can be Part of Your World

After a brief appearance in Disney’s early tests with DVD, the non-anamorphic DVD relase of The Little Mermaid dissapeared with the promise of returning someday in the future as a Platinum release. Cut forward the better part of a decade and Disney is finally making good on their promise. The 1989 film that returned Disney to the forefront is coming to DVD this fall.

No details are in quite yet on the features of the two-disc set, but it will likely follow the pattern of previous Platinum titles. The audio and video have been digitally restored for the release which will be in anamorphic widescreen for the first time.

On October 3rd, The Little Mermaid will delight many for the first time, and be a warm reminder for those who haven’t seen the film in close to twenty years.

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