Sally Field is all over the television.

Sony Pictures is releasing a lot of Sally Field in March, Gidget and The Flying Nun both get box sets.

Gidget: The Complete Series
Surf’s up … and Gidget: The Complete Series has all the sand, surf, fun and boys needed for a charming series. Based on the Frederick Kohner novel and a 1959 film starring Sandra Dee, Gidget (slang for girl-midget) debuted on September 15, 1965, for a 32-episode run. Sally Field plays the perky 15-year-old Southern California girl who loves to surf and longs for romance. Along with her best friend Larue, Gidget’s youthful enthusiasm often triumphs over the conventional wisdom of the adults in her life, making the series a fun-filled frolic on California’s beaches. Gidget’s widower dad always does his best while facing the challenges of raising a fun-loving teenager.

The Flying Nun: The Complete First Season

Sally Field plays bubbly novice nun Sister Bertrille, who arrives at Convent San Tanco in Puerto Rico, where the constant swirling winds give her the power to fly. That sight is greeted with alarm by the strict Mother Superior and with curiosity and amusement by her fellow nuns — Sister Jacqueline, Sister Bertrille’s mentor, and Sister Sixto, a nun who continually fights a losing battle with the English language. While at the convent, Sister Bertrille also makes an unlikely friend in Carlos Ramirez, a wealthy playboy bachelor who was raised by the nuns as a young orphan.

Both sets will arrive on March 21st.

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