Eli Roth’s Hostel is coming to DVD in April

Sony Pictures Home Entertainment has just announced plans to release Eli Roth’s latest film and box office hit, Hostel on DVD in April.

After creating the independent horror hit “Cabin Fever, ” Eli Roth created one of the most unrelenting tales of human-trafficking, sex tourism and torture ever before depicted on screen. “Hostel” is inspired by shocking stories of the dark side of human nature unearthed by director Eli Roth, and tells the story of two American college thrill-seekers (Jay Hernandez and Derek Richardson) who find themselves victims of a murder-for-profit business while backpacking in Eastern Europe. Lured to a hostel in an out-of-the-way Slovakian town boasting a bevy of beauties, the two quickly pair off with exotic locals Natalya and Svetlana. After awakening from a hedonistic night of sin, they find themselves plunged into an unimaginable hell, trapped in a torturous netherworld as wide and deep as the darkest, sickest recess of human nature itself.

The DVD release will feature no less than Four Commentary Tracks, featuring Eli Roth, executive producers Quentin Tarantino, Boaz Yakin, Scott Spiegel, producers Chris Biggs and Gabriel Roth, as well as “ain’t it cool news’” Harry Knowles. Not sure who cares for his pointless blabbering, but so be it.

“Hostel Dissection” should be much more interesting by comparison, a Featurette on the making of the movie, or “Kill The Car,” a Multi-angle Feature.

“Hostel” will be in stores on April 18 for $28.95. A UMD version for your PSP will also be released on the same day for the same price.

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