BluRay is just around the corner from Sony

Sony Pictures Home Entertainment has set a release date for its first batch of high definition BluRay releases.

The Adam Sandler comedy 50 First Dates, Luc Besson’s The Fifth Element, date movie Hitch, the lesser Hero House of Flying Daggers, the rock and roll mideival A Knight’s Tale, The Scorsese documentary The Last Waltz, and the sight and sound showpeices Resident Evil: Apocalypse and XXX will all arrive on May 25th.

While some of these may seem odd choices for a format launch, they are reminiscent of the original waves of DVDs nine years ago testing out the new technology across the board. Hopefully sales will be good enough to warrant some future waves.

Boy, we finally got just about all the wishlists filled from 1997. Oh well, here’s to the next few years of wondering when “Star Wars” will arrive, though this time it is already clear that it won’t take very long.

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