Blue Thunder will whisper on DVD

Sony Pictures Home Entertainment has unveiled full details about the upcoming Special Edition version of Blue Thunder to be released in April.

In Blue Thunder, ex-Vietnam chopper pilot Frank Murphy (Roy Scheider) is chosen to test the newest addition to the Los Angeles Police Department’s aerial arsenal: “Blue Thunder, ” an experimental high-tech, high-speed stealth helicopter. Armed and designed to counter street insurgencies and quell possible terrorist attacks during the 1984 Olympics in Los Angeles, the helicopter can see through walls, record a whisper or level a city block. While flying Blue Thunder, Murphy and his partner Lymangood (Daniel Stern) begin to distrust the military mentality behind the remarkable craft and it’s not long before the two courageous officers discover the sinister government intentions to use the helicopter for corrupt crowd control and surveillance. The devious top secret operation is being run by Murphy’s former comrade-in-arms, now bitter enemy, Colonel Cochrane (Roddy McDowell), who will stop at nothing to neutralize Blue Thunder and expedite an armed takeover of the United States. Attempting to expose this covert military op, Murphy “borrows” Blue Thunder, flying against military and police aircrafts in a spellbinding battle over Los Angeles.

The release will contain a Multi-part Documentary called “Ride With The Angels” covering the movie’s production and also including all-new interviews with Roy Scheider and Director John Badham. “The Special” is a Featurette that will be also included on the release, covering the building of the Blue Thunder helicopter.

In addition, a Director, Editor and Motion Control Supervisor Commentary is included as well as the original 1983 Promotional Featurette of the film that was used to promote the film’s theatrical run.

The “Blue Thunder: Special Ediution” will be in stores on April 4 with a suggested retail price of $19.94.

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