Warner Home Video unveils a Superman 14-Disc Collection

During a press event earlier today, Warner Home Video made a fairly sensational announcement that is sure to please fans of the “Superman” films. The studio has a 14-disc DVD set in the making of “Superman.” The set, called Superman: Ultimate Collector’s Edition is filled with featurettes, documentaries, and other stuff surrounding the Superman feature films, as well as all these films themselves.

However, best of all, the set will also contain the Richard Donner Cut of Superman 2!

As fans will undoubtedly know, Richard Donner was relieved as a director from the film and replaced by Richard Lester before he could complete the film. Still, 70% of the movie were finished at the time but never released, of course ,though part of his footage was actually used in Lester’s “Superman2 “ version. But not nearly all of it. There is about 45 minutes of footage that has never been seen before – especially not the way Richard Donner had envisioned it!

Now, the studio is working with Donner to create the cut of the movie that he had in mind originally, which is VERY cool, of course, painstakingly restored. During the press event we were treated to a five-minute clip from the film – the opening sequence which had never before been seen – and it was a blast!

Get ready for this one, because it’s going to be huge!

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