Mondo Macabro brings you Satan’s Blood in February

Fans of cult horror film will undoubtedly eat up this announcement from Mondo Macabro as the studio unleashes Satan’s Blood on DVD fans.

A bored couple, Andy and Anna (Angel Aranda and Sandra Alberti), unexpectedly meet up with old school friends and are invited to stay the night at their isolated mansion. A simple game with a Ouija board goes badly wrong and the couple realize that they have strayed into the clutches of a dangerous pair of psychopaths who are planning for them a fate worse than death!

In 1970’s Spain, certain films were released with an “S” classification – S for Sex – films with an unusually high number of scenes of sex and sadism. “Satan’s Blood” was one of the first of the “S” films and is still one of the most notorious. It mixes, sex horror and Seventies obsession for all thing satanic as only Euro Cult movies can and will be available in all of its uncut splendor for the first time anywhere on this Mondo Macabro DVD!

The release will feature a 16×9 enhanced widescreen transfer of the movie and come with its original Spanish language track, as well as an English dub and English subtitles. As extras the DVD will serve up “The Devil’s Disciples: A History Of 20th Century Satanism,” a Documentary on the subject and its impact on cinema with numerous examples from films past and present. It also features an interview with Gavin Baddeley, world-renowned expert on the occult and the author of numerous books on the subject. An Alternate Opening Sequence is also included on the release.

“Satan’s Blood” will be in stores on February 28 and carry a $24.95 retail price.

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