Image Entertainment unleashes the Monster Of London City

Image Entertainment has just announced plan to release a new double-feature thriller DVD this March featuring the German films Monster Of London City and Mystery Of The Red Orchid. The films are part of an extensive series of movies made during the 60s in Germany, based on novels by Edgar Wallace and it is great to see these little treasures make their way to DVD.

In “Monster Of London City” the spirit of Jack the Ripper seems to be very much alive in 1960s London as a series of slayings has Scotland Yard baffled. In a macabre coincidence, a new play about the famous murderer is about to become a major West End hit… and the leading man is rapidly becoming the prime suspect!

Wealthy people are getting notes from “The Patrons of the Rich” offering “protection” for a large sum… and those who don’t pay wind up murdered! Inspector Weston of Scotland Yard is joined by the FBI’s Cpt. Allerman (Christopher Lee) to expose the deadly secrets of London’s underworld, where every dark street corner could be hiding a vicious killer bent on protecting “The Mystery of the Red Orchid!”

The release will be in stores on March 21 and carry a $19.95 suggested retail price.

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