I wish for I Dream of Jeannie on DVD

Sony Pictures Home Entertainment will open the bottle in spring with the first season release fo the magical 1960’s sitcom I Dream of Jeannie.

Stranded on a remote desert island after his space capsule malfunctions, NASA astronaut Tony Nelson comes upon a mysterious pink bottle and releases a beautiful genie. “Jeannie”, as she is called, is more than two thousand years old and can make objects instantly materialize or control any situation with the blink of an eye. Delighted to be released she eagerly vows to please her new master when he is rescued and returns to Florida with her. Jeannie’s well-meaning use of her magic regularly gets Tony into wildly improbable dilemmas. The only other person who knows of her existence is Tony’s best friend, Army Major Roger Healey, and together they are always conspiring to keep Jeannie a secret from everyone else.

The new set will contain all of the first season episodes along with the featurette I Dream of Jeannie: Out of the Bottle and an audio commentary on the first episode with stars Barbara Eden, Bill Daly and Larry Hagman.

The magic happens on March 14th with a suggested retail price of $39.95.

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