The Lord Of War is hitting DVD hard in January

Lions Gate Home Entertainment has scheduled the release of the action packed thriller Lord Of War for release this winter.

Academy Award winner Nicolas Cage thrills in this action-packed true story of a gunrunner who supplied dictators and outran the law for nearly twenty years.

The release offers up the movie in anamorphic widescreen, complete with Dolby Digital EX and DTS ES audio tracks. As extras the release will contain a Commentary Track by director Andrew Niccol. A selection Deleted Scenes will also be included along with a Featurette called “Making A Killing: Inside the International Arms Trade, ” which should be very interesting.

“Lord Of War” will be on the streets on January 17 and can be yours for a very healthy $30.98. Not sure what makes this release so special that it warrants such a premium, but I am sure someone at Lions Gate does have an answer to that.

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